Drives built to handle the unique needs of the industry.

Line regen to save money and energy.

Harmonic filters to improve performance.


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The show must go on.

Brakes, motors, drives, control.

Full system solutions from KEB.


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Clutches, brakes, and gearboxes.

Precise automation and control for hospital beds,

OR booms, and surgical robots.


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Drives and automation expertise

for all plastic-related applications


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Servo motors and spring-set brakes.

The P6 Pitch Drive and Pitch System

designed for wind turbines.


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The role of the IT professional in Industry 4.0

Building and maintaining an automated industrial process is changing. Improved networking capabilities is bringing a wave of businesses into Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things. So much so, that younger professionals have come to expect the ability to monitor their installations remotely from their desk, smartphone, or tablet, and companies like KEB are building a new generation of products that speaks to this need. When a product comes with a choice of communication interfaces, wireless or wired, WAN, LAN, and serial, the most informed consumer will be the one who knows the communication network inside and out.   In...
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Spindle motor control with KEB drives

With over 200,000 installed spindle drives, KEB has earned a reputation as the worldwide spindle drive leader.  This post describes some of the reasons KEB is preferred by our CNC, woodworking, and robotic customers.       Spindle Motor Control KEB drives can run both induction and permanent magnet spindle motors through the adjustment of a drive parameter.  KEB’s robust motor control algorithms mean it can run a variety of different motor designs from all major spindle motor manufacturers.  Basic applications can utilize V/Hz control.  The advantage of V/Hz is its simplicity and ease of commissioning.   Closed loop applications...
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Non-proprietary Elevator Controllers & Drives – KEB Machine Room Vids #02

  The second video in our series of Machine Room visits. In this episode, we discuss non-proprietary elevator controllers and the advantage of using KEB elevator drives.   Advantages include: all needed tools for adjustment, documentation to aid support, designed for long product lifecycle, etc.   Check out the first video in the series on our YouTube channel.    

High temperature industrial router for outdoor datalogging and communication

It may not officially be winter yet, but here in Shakopee, MN it certainly feels like winter. We’ve hit some very frigid temperatures this week, falling into single digits even before the wind chill is taken into consideration. And while the view of sundogs in the icy air and sparkling snow is enough to make any hardy Minnesotan feel warm inside, it does feel like the perfect time to highlight the extended temperature range and optional communication options of our C6 Industrial VPN Router.

KEB’s Harmonic Filters Reduce Harmonic Distortion

For this article, we will discuss the harmonic distortion created by the input stage of a VFD and how KEB harmonic filters can be implemented to reduce these harmonics. Variable frequency drives (VFD) used in industrial applications provide many benefits including energy savings, better process control, extended component lifetime and increased machine safety when utilizing functional safety features. Variable frequency drives consist of three sub-systems. The diode bridge converter, DC bus, and IGBT output inverter. The diode bridge input rectifier typically consists of a full-wave 6-pulse rectifier which rectifies the incoming AC voltage into a DC voltage. The DC bus...
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Remote Access to Allen Bradley Rockwell PLCs

A few common questions I get from customers: Does the C6 Router support Ethernet/IP, DH+? Can the C6 Router connect to my ControlLogix, MicroLogix, CompactLogix, etc.? Can I get remote access to Allen Bradley PLCs? The answer to these questions is yes! The C6 Router used in conjunction with Combivis Connect software can setup a secure end-to-end VPN connection to your Allen Bradley PLC’s.     This blog post will review the steps needed to establish remote access with a C6 industrial router to a Allen Bradley PLC and RSLogix software.   Step 1: Internet Access to Router   In order for Combivis Connect to setup a...
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