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All Electric machines

The H6 multi-axis drive was built for all electric machines.  Modular rectifier, control, and drive modules used a shared DC bus for unrivaled compactness and performance.  Single and double drive axes are available and are easily scalable.


Heatsink Options

KEB F5 and H6 drive platforms offer different cooling options.  Traditional fan-cooled is possible across all power ranges.  Push-through designs allow 80% of the drive heat to be dissipated outside the control panel.  Liquid-cooled heatsinks offer the best option for power density.



KEB drives have flexible communication options allowing them to be easily integrated with major PLC vendors.  


EtherCAT, Powerlink, Profinet, Profibus, Ethernet/IP, + many more options are available.


SIL3 Functional Safety

KEB drives offer a number of SIL3 rated functional safety options.  Dual channel Safe-Torque-Off (STO) is available across all KEB drive platforms.


System Protection

KEB drives offer integrated drive features which protect the machine system.  KTY/PTC motor temperature inputs protect the motor from overheating.  Precise torque limits can be set in the drives to protect the mechanical drivetrain.  Continuous fieldbus monitoring quickly identifies communication problems and reacts safely.  Hardware and software overload protections ensure the motor and electrical system are protected.




SCL – Servo control without encoder feedback

KEB’s SCL motor control provides excellent speed regulation for servo and induction motors.  This allows the oil pressure and flow to be optimally regulated throughout the entire machine cycle.


Energy Savings up to 60%

The KEB servo pump drive constantly runs the motor at the optimal point.  This amounts to a 60% energy saving over traditional fixed-speed line-start control. 


Less heating of hydraulic oil

Improved system efficiency also reduces hydraulic oil temperatures – improving the lifetime of the hydraulic oil and lowering maintenence costs.


Reduction of high starting currents

KEB VFD-controlled starts reduces starting currents and, over time,  component wear.


Significant reduction of audible noise levels



KEB’s renowned Sensorless Closed Loop (SCL™) motor control algorithms provide the ultimate torque and speed regulation performance – real field orientated control without encoder feedback.


SCL provides excellent motor shaft performance and response:

  •    ± 2% Torque Response
  •    ± .2% Speed Regulation (Induction Motor)
  •    ± .1% Speed Regulation (PM Motor)

 This results in high throughput with the best quality finished plastic product.



Large Power

KEB has single-axis drive solutions available through 1,200 Hp.  



Panels & Systems

KEB can provide a ready-to-wire control panel which includes the KEB plastic VFDs.  Panel options like disconnects, HMIs, A/C, etc. can be configured by the customer.



Motor Control

KEB drives can run a wide variety of different motor types, including: Induction (asynchronous), PM Servo (synchronous), Torque, Linear, and Compact Motor Gear (CMG).



Accurate Torque Limits

Precise torque limits can be set in the drive in order to protect the screw from blockages.  Additionally, the drives can be programmed to protect against screw reversals.



Water Cooled Heatsink

Besides traditional fan-cooled drives, KEB offers water cooled VFDs which provide excellent power density.  KEB’s large installed based of water cooled drives speaks to the quality of its design.  KEB drives have features which aid the implementation and maintenance of the cooling system.



KEB drives have flexible communication options allowing them to be easily integrated with major PLC vendors.  


EtherCAT, Powerlink, Profinet, Profibus, Ethernet/IP, + many more options are available.


 KEB offers drive expertise in all plastics-related applications


– Blow Molding Machines

– Blow Film Machines

– Upstream & Downstream Conveying

– Robotic Handling

– Pumps & Metering

– Granulators

– Winders & Unwinders

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