Shakopee, MN

KEB America Inc. (formerly dba KEBCO Inc.) is a wholly owned subsidiary of KEB Automation KG.  KEB America is headquartered in Shakopee, MN, a suburb of Minneapolis, and has approximately 125 employees.  KEB America is responsible for supporting the North American market and has full design and manufacturing capabilities in its ISO 9001:2015 facility

KEB Automation KG

Barntrup, Germany

KEB Automation was founded in 1972 by Karl Ernst Brinkmann.  Starting with electromechanical products, KEB has since expanded to be a complete automation system provider.   KEB has 5 global production sites, 9 subsidiaries and over 1,200 employees.  Today, KEB products can be found in the most demanding applications across the world and are supported from their 40+ sales and service centers.

Schneeberg, Germany

KEB Schneeberg designs and produces many of the current KEB motor and integral gearmotor products.

Marchtrenk, Austria

KEB Austria is responsible for the markets in Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia. Products are available from stock.

Milan, Italy

KEB Italia S.r.l. has about 40 employees and is located in Milan. They offer sales, inventory, application consulting.

Paris, France

Société Francaise KEB has 42 employees. They provide customer-specific solutions, sales and delivery from inventory, application consulting, start-up assistance and repair.

Shanghai, China

KEB China country headquarters and manufacturing are located in Shanghai.  Additionally, there are sales locations in Beijing, Qingdao, Ningbo, and Shenzhen to serve the expanding Chinese market.

Wellingborough, Great Britain

At the factory in Wellingborough customer-specific motion control solutions are developed with products from Barntrup and Schneeberg, Germany.

Tokyo, Japan

KEB Japan Ltd. has 40 employees in Tokyo and in Shinjo who design, produce and sell electromagnetic products.

Dzerzhinsky, Russia

In 2007 KEB expanded service to reach potential clients in Russia and surrounding countries.

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