Brakes for Medical Machines


Zero Backlash

KEB PM brakes offer zero backlash power-off braking. 


They are ideal for precision applications like surgical robots and imaging machines.


See how they work.

Torque Density

KEB P1 brakes provide excellent torque density. 


They use neodymium permanent magnets which give them the best torque-diameter ratio.

Wide Temperature Range

P1 permanent magnet brakes are designed to operate across a wide temperature range.  


They can be operated from -15C up to 100C (depending on insulation type)


Failsafe Operation

KEB Spring-set Brakes offer are spring applied and electrically released. 


They are ideal for critical safety-related applications like robotic arms and vertical axes.


See how they work.

Custom Designs

Brakes are designed and manufactured in Shakopee, MN. 


We can do special designs and offer value-add features like connectors, painting, etc.


KEB America is an ISO 9001:2015 facility.


Power-On Brakes


KEB Combinorm brakes provide an economical brake option and are electrically engaged.


KEB Brakes can be made to your specifications – voltage, hub bore, configuration, etc.

Medical Brakes & Clutches

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