Combivis Studio 6: A New Path to Project Development

The complexity of industrial systems are increasing at a faster pace every day. It’s up to machine manufacturers, system integrators, and other application specialists to provide innovative high performance automation solutions that meet the demands of our complex world. At the same time these solutions must be developed and supported efficiently and in a cost effective manner.

KEB recognizes this problem and offers solutions to bring its high-performance Controls, HMI’s, Drives, and Motors to market fast using Combivis Studio 6. This post will serve as an introduction to the benefits of KEB’s core application development tool, Combivis Studio 6.

Combivis Studio 6 is an all in one Integrated Development Environment (IDE) engineered for ease of use and reliability, yet still includes extensive features. All system development needs can be met throughout the entire project lifecycle with Combivis Studio 6. From prototype to commissioning and support, Combivis has the tools for success.  Combivis Studio 6 includes a product selection configurator, IEC-1131-3 programming editor, fieldbus and remote I/O configurator, quick set-up wizards, and full access to all KEB product documentation.

Configurator: From Vision to Reality

Bringing a concept from layout on paper to functioning prototype can cost an enormous amount of resources and time. Combivis 6 Studio includes an easy to use Configurator to reduce development costs. The Configurator includes a guided product selection tool with full access to KEB’s extensive database of automation product information.

Determining component connection becomes an easy task as Combivis automatically defines compatible devices and cables between KEB products. Additionally users have access to all product data sheets and can generate a BOM and export it to .docx, .pdf, and .xlsx formats.  Lastly, Combivis Projects can be generated from a configuration. From here the system PLC’s, remote I/O, drives, and motors are linked and ready to be programmed in a new Combivis project.

Combivis Studio 6 Configurator

Configuator functionality allows a control diagram to be laid out. Then the entire project can be exported to a PLC project.

IEC61131-3 Editor: Maximize Productivity

Efficient and reliable controller programs can be nearly impossible to develop without the correct IDE. Combivis Studio 6 offers a flexible IDE which focuses on easy to use features and code reuse. Users can choose up to 6 different programming languages compliant with IEC61131-3, including Ladder Diagram, Function Block Diagram, Instruction List, Continuous Flow Chart, Sequential Flow Chart, and Structured Text.

Efficient coding is achieved by using built-in intelligent input assistants for easy variable definitions. Additionally, Combivis 6 contains a large number of libraries containing useful functions ranging from common items such as timers and counters to advanced motion control function blocks. Implementing these libraries is fast by simply dragging and dropping from a toolbox.

Combivis Studio 6 Function Block

Reliable coding is made easy through advanced simulation modes and debugging tools.  When real hardware is not available simulation modes can be used for performance testing and debugging. Debug features such as break points, variable cross referencing, flow control, variable forcing can all be used by the programmer.

Combivis Studio 6 Simulation

Fieldbus and Remote I/O Configuration: Confident Data Transfer

Combivis 6 Studio ensures that your data is transferred fast and reliably from the beginning. Excellent hardware on KEB embedded controls, iPC’s, and remote I/O modules allow for high speed Ethernet communication via EtherCAT.  To ensure this high performance technology can be realized quickly and without error the EtherCAT configurator can be utilized. The EtherCAT configurator automatically configures the EtherCAT master, and ensures that configuration settings are carried out automatically to all slave devices.  Lastly, communication performance can be analyzed using the EtherCAT diagnosis wizard. Using this wizard process data integrity and speed can be verified with graphical timing margins.

Combivis Studio 6 Ethercat Diagnosis

Integrated Start-Up Wizards: Fast and Intuitive Startups

Machine start-up and tuning should be intuitive for all. Combivis 6 Studio ensures that drive and controls set-up is easy by offering integrated start up wizards. For example basic motor data , process data, and machine state can all be configured graphically without manual reference. For extensive analysis and fine tuning a scope mode is available with 16 channels.

Combivis Studio 6 Scope

Combivis features a powerful 16 scope tool which aids in drive tuning.

Extensive Support Resources

Combivis Studio 6 offers a database full of manuals and FAQ’s for solving complex problems. When this isn’t enough KEB offers a team of automation specialists devoted to helping its customers solve challenging automation problems.

If you’d like to review the features and technical specs of the Combivis software you can click this link.

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    The non-Studio version of Combivis 6 will probably be most relevant for elevator drives and single-drive commissioning. This free version allows more scope traces, an online document feature, and has better handling of different config files (operator versions).

    The Studio version will be well suited for system planning and PLC programming.

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