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Drives for escalator installations

KEB drives are built for heavy-duty escalators. The drives feature high overloads, an integrated brake transistor, and are capable of 16kHz switching frequency. Even with these capabilities, the drives are compact – perfect for small escalator enclosures. 



KEB drives program in familiar units through a full text LCD display.  Upload/download functionality makes saving and copying parameters easy. The ability to run a variety of different AC motor types – including induction and permanent magnet – makes the drives a versatile choice. They can integrate with any PLC-based controller, like the C6 Smart from KEB.


Advanced error handling and troubleshooting

KEB’s LCD operator features a time-stamped fault log to help diagnose problems. The F5 drive offers many diagnostic parameters and counters that can be used to assist in preventative maintenance of the escalator and system troubleshooting.


Integrated Safety Features

KEB drives offer a host of internal safety features

  • Motor flux and phase check
  • Adjustable torque limits in closed loop operation
  • Software and hardware overcurrent monitors
Energy Savings Mode

KEB escalator drives feature an integrated Sleep Mode function which lowers the escalator speed after a pre-defined period of inactivity. When the escalator registers a lighter load the drive reduces the voltage to the motor, lowering the speed and torque. When a rider crosses a light-curtain, a signal is sent to the drive and speed is slowly returned to normal.


Using KEB’s Energy Savings Mode on your escalator installation can reduce energy consumption up to 80%. It also reduces the magnetizing current to the motor, resulting in an improvement in winding losses in the motor.

SCL motor control™

KEB’s proprietary  SCL motor control algorithms use an accurate motor model to provide closed-loop performance without the use of a traditional encoder devices. In escalator applications this means only the required power is delivered to the motor shaft. 


You can read more about our SCL motor control in this article.

Assembled in the USA

KEB drives are assembled, tested, and supported at the KEB America manufacturing facility located outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota.



save energy regen elevator calculator

Save Energy, Save Money

The R6 regen drives can provide a quick return on investment for a building owner by reducing energy costs.  If you are interested in seeing how much you could potentially save – contact KEB America for more information.

Compact Size

KEB’s R6 line regen unit is extremely compact and can be mounted easily in the escalator control panel.



NCM™ Technology

The R6 unit uses patented NCM control technology to synchronize its output to the utility line.  NCM is extremely robust against lineside disturbances and voltage notching.



Dual Voltage

KEB’sR6 regen drives can be used with either 208-230V or 480V mains.  The units auto-identify the line voltage and make the necessary adjustments.




IEEE 519 Performance

KEB Harmonic Filters provide less than 8% THDI performance.



Passive Design

KEB Z1 filters are easy to implement and maintain.  They are passive devices that do not require extra circuitry or controls to operate.  



Full Size Range

KEB filters are available for large and small escalators.  The Z1 product is offered up to 400A nominal current.


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Escalator installations featuring KEB products



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