Elevator Drive solutions


Dedicated Elevator Drive

KEB Elevator Drives are built to handle the most difficult elevator applications.  The drives feature high overloads, an integrated brake transistor, and are capable of 16kHz switching frequency.  


Reduce Set-up Times

KEB drives have been designed with the elevator adjuster in mind.  They program in familiar units like fpm through a full text LCD display.  Upload/download functionality makes saving and copying parameters easy.  A static motor learn procedure can be done under the brake without needing to balance the car. In the end, this saves the contractor time and money.


Advanced Error Handling and Troubleshooting

KEB’s LCD elevator operator features a time-stamped fault log to help diagnose problems.  Tools like KEB’s Combivis software allows multi-channel scope traces which can be useful for troubleshooting.


Integrated Safety Features

KEB elevator drives offer a host of internal safety features

  • Output phase check
  • Motor flux check
  • Over current protection
  • Motor overheat monitoring
  • SIL3 rated Safe-Torque-Off (STO)


Speed Control Options

KEB elevator drives offer a number of different control options:

  • Serial speed control
  • CANOpen Lift (CiA DS417)
  • Digital & Binary speed selection
  • Analog speed control
  • KEB DPC™: Direct-to-floor positioning


Flexible Feedback Cards

KEB supports the following dual channel encoder cards:

  • TTL Incremental
  • EnDAT 2.1
  • EnDAT 2.2
  • BiSS
  • Sin/Cos, UVW, SSi, HTL, and others


Synthetic Pre-torque

KEB’s synthetic pre-torque functionality reduces rollback and smooths take-off.  The functionality is easy to adjust and integrates with KEB’s internal brake handling function.


System Inertia Learn

KEB’s feed-forward torque control (FFTC) can be activated by doing a system inertia learn of the elevator.  This function provides optimal response for dynamic gearless systems.


I/O Programming & Functions

KEB’s I/O functions are freely programmable by the user.  A short list of functionality which can be assigned to the I/O includes:

  • UPS Operation
  • Emergency Profile
  • Earthquake Mode
  • Emergency Slowdown (ESD)
  • ETS and NTS


CanOpen Lift

KEB also offers a CANOpen Lift option that is developed according to the CiA 417 standard.  This improves the interoperability of the drive in the elevator control system.



save energy regen elevator calculator

Save Energy, Save Money

The R6 regen drives can provide a quick return on investment for a building owner by reducing energy costs.  If you are interested in seeing how much you could potentially save – contact KEB America for more information.

Compact Size

KEB’s R6 line regen unit is extremely compact and can be mounted easily in the elevator control panel.



NCM™ Technology

The R6 unit uses patented NCM control technology to synchronize its output to the utility line.  NCM is extremely robust against lineside disturbances and voltage notching.



Dual Voltage

KEB’sR6 regen drives can be used with either 208-230V or 480V mains.  The units auto-identify the line voltage and make the necessary adjustments.




IEEE 519 Performance

KEB Harmonic Filters provide less than 8% THDI performance.



Passive Design

KEB Z1 filters are easy to implement and maintain.  They are passive devices that do not require extra circuitry or controls to operate.  



Full Size Range

KEB filters are available for large and small elevators.  The Z1 product is offered up to 400A nominal current.



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