washdown electromagnetic clutch

IP65 Clutch

IP65 Clutch

Bore In Shaft Out IP65 Clutch with Flanges

KEB’s Power-On Clutch series is a great fit for many different applications. Due to it being power-on, it is the safest option for many clutch applications. It is backlash-free, can withstand high operating speeds, can be shaft or flange mounted, and comes equipped with ISO Class B (130°C) insulation.


However, our standard Power-On (Combinorm) clutch is only rated at IP20. Many facilities, production lines, machines, and applications do not have the cleanest environments.


Due to this, we have designed an enclosed IP65 Clutch for applications that demand a higher protection standard. It is often referred to as our Combibox Series, but the function is the same as our Combinorm clutch.


Watch the video here to better understand how the internal parts of the enclosed clutch operates.


Design Features

We designed our enclosed clutch to be able to meet a wide array of application specifications. In regards to mounting the unit, it can easily be configured to mount with conventional motors and gearboxes. It can be either flange or foot mounted with varying size bores and/or shafts on the input and output.


If needed, we can also incorporate a brake inside the unit for those quick start/stop applications. The Combibox torque range is offered from 7-250 Nm and the units support a wide array of operating voltages.


IP65 Clutch and Brake

Shaft In Shaft Out IP65 Clutch and Brake


Ingress Protection

By first-hand experience, I know that production floors aren’t always the tidiest. Whether you have production lines manufacturing aluminum ingots or conveyor belts in your system; oil, coolant, lubricant, or water can make its way into the clutch unit and reduce the effective torque, thereby rendering it ineffective or unsafe.


KEB’s IP65 clutch is intended for these types of harsh environments. The unit is considered dust tight and can withstand powerful water jets from either the application or during routine cleaning. On top of normal IP65 protection, we can take extra precaution and add in sealing washers, gamma rings, and even Loctite any component fittings making the unit oil tight. Our IP65 clutch that is oil tight is our highest protected clutch, and will be able to withstand your harsh production environment.


If your application requires this extra degree for proper function and peace of mind, contact us and we will find the appropriate unit to ensure your facility or machine stays up and running.


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  1. Hi,

    We are interested in buying IP65 clutch for a precise application. We need at least IP65 because it is going to be installed outdoor. It can be burried in snow for 6 months. Will it be sufficient?

    We have installed, in the past, plenty of AUMA actuator coupled with rack an pinion box to hoist hydroelectrical facility gates. Some of them have to free-fall on emergency request. It is not always working and we are looking for a solution.

    A possibility is to add a “power to release” teeth clutch between the actuator and the rack and pinion box to uncouple the gearmotor from the rack and pinion box because the worm gearbox from the gear motor is the biggest restriction to the free fall.

    Maximum torque is 500 Nm.
    Temperature of operation will range from -40°C to 40°C.
    It will be installed outdoor.
    125 VDC is the power supply source.

    Is it a product you have?
    We have 3 size of motors (3 torque rating and 3 shaft diameter) and will need 10 clutch total.


    Jerome Sylvestre, P.Eng.

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