KEB America Building Expansion

Rendering of the new expansion, adjacent to the existing building
The KEB America building expansion is highlighted in red
Overhead view of KEB America’s building expansion

SHAKOPEE, Minn, August 29 – We announced the start of a major KEB America building expansion of our US headquarters near Minneapolis, Minnesota. The expansion will increase machining capacity and storage space to meet the strong and growing demand of its automation products in North America.

Building updates will be made on this article below.

“We are excited to announce the new addition which solidifies our strong commitment to North American customers from coast to coast and to our local community,” said Andy Delius, President, KEB America. “The new space will enable us to meet the strong customer demand more effectively and expand our current product offering for the North American market.”

The building expansion will increase the footprint of our ISO 9001:2015 certified facility that was built in 2004, from 80,000 square feet to 150,000 square feet. The project is slated for completion in the second quarter of 2020.

Week of Nov 11, 2019 – Digging Out North Side of Property

On the north side of the building we saw the excavating contractor digging out the last of the footings for the new addition. This is the last of the trenches being dug for the outline of the building expansion. After the concrete is poured in the next few days we’ll hopefully be ready to start seeing the walls going up.

The footings on the North side of the building are now ready for concrete. The re-roofing project continues on the existing facility.

Week of Nov 4, 2019 – Re-roofing

Last week the roofing company started the process of prepping the roof, lifting materials up with a crane and using a giant vacuum to remove excess rock material. This week they are going section-by-section taking up the old roof and laying down new material. This will mean the existing building and new addition will both have a new roof when construction is complete.

A crew working on re-roofing the existing building before the new addition is complete

Week of Oct 28, 2019 – More Concrete and New Electrical Panel

Most of the concrete footings around the outside of the new addition are complete. This week also saw electrical work near the front entrance on the North side of the building. They dug a trench for high power to be pumped into the new addition. We will also have an increase in electrical power in the building (both old and new sections), which will be useful for our R&D department running higher power tests than previously available.

Aerial Photo of New Building construction at KEB America
More concrete and the start of electrical work out front

Week of Oct 21, 2019 – Pouring Concrete Footings

This week the concrete trucks pulled in to begin pouring the footings for the walls of the new addition. They began by the loading docks to the south of the building, working their way over to the east side. At the same time a crew begins redoing the roof on the current building.

Pouring Concrete foundation for KEB America's building expansion
A concrete truck on site at KEB America

Week of Oct 21, 2019 – Outline of the Foundation Takes Shape

The Outline of the building can be seen in the soil and the temporary wooden forms for pouring concrete are being constructed in the trenches. Soil work is being done as the excavator digs the footings because the ground is very sandy. Concrete trucks will be coming and going, pouring the foundation for the next week or two.

Aerial view of the manufacturing facility of KEB America
The outline of the new addition is now clearly visible

Week of Oct 14, 2019 – Digging the Footings

After a couple weeks of slow progress, construction has picked up again with digging the footings for the walls of the new addition. They have a trackhoe on site digging the trenches, a skid steer loader doing some of the smaller digging and grading work, and a crew laying the wood frames for pouring the concrete.

Digging the trenches and building the forms for the concrete footings

Week of Sep 23, 2019 – More Sand Removal

This is another week of digging, loading and hauling sand off site. You might also notice the two concrete walls protruding from the rear of the loading dock have been taken down. The base of the walls are still visible in the image below. Each step brings us closer to seeing the addition become reality.

Excavation work at KEB America Building Expansion
The removal of excess sand continues

Week of Sep 16, 2019 – Excess Sand Removal

Sand piled up on the south side of the building is now being trucked off site to make room for a storm-water management pond, service road, and an expanded shipping and receiving area.

Construction work at KEB America Building Expansion
Excess sand is transported off site to make way for the new KEB America building addition

Week of Sep 9, 2019 – More Grading

Grading the plot of land next to our existing building is nearly complete. They discovered a great deal of sand under the topsoil on our property, which will be sold to recover some of the expenses of the building project. The large mound of sand on the south side of the building will be trucked off site by the end of the week if all goes according to plan.

Construction work at KEB America Building Expansion
The grading of the KEB America building expansion is nearly done

Week of Sep 2, 2019 – Grading

This week the KEB America building expansion has seen the excavating team begin the process of grading the construction site, bringing the ground to the correct level before digging the outline of the new addition. There will also be a retention pond in the back of the lot for water runoff. Things are really moving forward!

Grading the outline of the construction site

Week of Aug 26, 2019 – Tree Relocation

This week a tree company came to re-locate some trees from the construction site to the area in front of our parking lot. Instead of bulldozing all the trees where the building expansion will be constructed, we decided to move as many as we could to the north side of the building between the road and our parking lot.

They are looking great out front.

Relocating trees to the front lawn from the construction area

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