KEB Automation for Industrial Door Systems

Industrial door solutions are used in every manufacturing plant, and KEB America has years of experience in applying KEB technology to control and automate industrial door systems. Our products have been used in applications such as fabric doors, four fold doors, bi-fold doors, sliding doors, and hangar doors with mullions. Common KEB products that are used in industrial door systems are our HMI LC, standard HMI, PLC’s, I/O, VFD’s, geared motors, and spring applied brakes. Our products are engineered and assembled here in Minneapolis and are suited for the North American market.


warehouse door system components


Controls and HMI


HMI’s are becoming more common in industrial door automation, as industrial door manufacturers move from old push button style control panels, to attractive HMI touchscreen controls. HMI’s offer real-time data recording and troubleshooting, as well as a more direct interface through which plant workers can control and operate the door solutions. KEB has the capability and expertise to offer both the HMI hardware and custom HMI visualizations tailored towards your door system. This makes installation, troubleshooting, and control of the doors incredibly easy. Our HMI LC takes our standard HMI offering a step further as it integrates a logic controller. If you have a project that needs to synchronize drive axis, then the HMI LC is a much more cost effective option than a standalone HMI and PLC. We also have a complete line of I/O to meet your needs whether you need analog or digital I/O, temperature or encoder inputs, or even safety I/O.


Industrial Door HMI Control



Variable Frequency Drives

KEB has a diverse offering of variable frequency drive to meet the needs of your industrial door system. Whether you have multiple synchronized axes, or you are running multiple motors from one VFD, or you have single phase power, we have the right VFD to meet your application needs. Here are some of the features you can find in KEB VFD’s for industrial door solutions.

ethercat servo drive for industrial door systems

Large Power Range

KEB Inverters can handle applications up to 1,200 hp. This means that we have no problem handling a variety door applications from small fabric roll up doors to large hangar systems.

Worldwide Voltage Options

KEB VFD’s were designed to meet the needs of the global market, so they can operate at voltages of 230VAC, 480VAC, and 690VAC classes.


Communication Protocols

KEB drives can communicate through a variety of protocols. Our F5 series uses a modular solution and can be integrated with multiple different platforms:  Powerlink, EtherCAT, Ethernet/IP, Ethernet TCP/IP, Profinet, Modbus, Profibus, DeviceNet, CANopen, Interbus, and Sercos.

industrial door systems from KEB communication options

Our series 6 drives (F6 and S6-K) are built on an EtherCAT backbone, but can also communicate with Ethernet I/P and Profinet. So if you are already using a Siemens or Allen Bradley control system, but want to integrate KEB VFD’s, we have no problem with drive integration.


Geared Motors and Brakes


KEB has been engineering and manufacturing gear motors for the latter part of the 40 years. We can offer a quality product that is assembled here in Minneapolis to serve the North American market. We have the gearing type to meet all of your industrial door needs. Our gearing offerings are helical inline, right angle helical bevel, right angle helical worm, and parallel shaft. Our AC induction motor power range is from .25 – 60 hp, which allows us to produce compact, responsive motors for roll up doors, and also high torque, high efficiency motors for larger door systems. The combination of high efficiency, high performance, and a competitive price point makes KEB the most cost effective gear motor option for industrial door systems.

spring applied brake for industrial door systems


Another thing that sets KEB apart from its competition is that we manufacture our own spring applied brake to integrate with the non drive end of the motor for door systems where a holding or emergency brake is needed. We can also mount a brake to the load side of the gear box, which is more common in some hoisting applications, but has also been used as a safety brake in select door solutions. Additionally, KEB can offer a hand wheel solution on the non drive end of the motor, for systems where you need to be able to move the door manually during a loss of power. If you have your own crank shaft that you like to use, we can simply supply you with a stub shaft on the non drive end of the motor to mount your crank to.


If you would like to know more about KEB solutions for industrial door systems, please contact a KEB sales representative or engineer.


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