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Manufacturing at KEB America | Electromagnetic Brakes and Clutches

This is an overview of electro-mechanical manufacturing at KEB America. We’re continuing to add new equipment, refine our processes, and improve our production capabilities to meet the needs of our customers.

Take a tour of how brakes and clutches are made at KEB America. watch the video below.

Go on a tour of KEB America’s brake/clutch manufacturing capabilities

From raw bar stock to finished product, we are established as a leader in magnetic brake and clutch manufacturing for industrial, medical and aerospace applications.

We design, build and test our proprietary mechanical brakes and clutches in a 86,000 sq. ft., Shakopee, Minnesota, ISO 9001:2015 facility. The North American market receives product support with knowledgeable application engineers who can walk you through the design and manufacturing of the specific solution(s) you need.

KEB America Inc. located in Shakopee, Minnesota

With us, you get the quality of German designed components without the long delays of international shipping.

We continue to expand our brake and clutch manufacturing at KEB America to better serve our customers. We will never stop refining our processes, purchasing ever capable machines, automating mundane tasks with cobots, while continuing to ensure the quality of our products through testing and shipping to our valued clients.

Interested in KEB’s automation technology? Contact a KEB engineer today to discuss your application.

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