Automation for Material Handling


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Large powers

KEB drives come in power ranges up to 1000Hp. Many also come in a variety of VAC classes.

Precise control

Internal positioning modules are integrated into the driving, giving you precise control over operation.

Dual channel encoder feedback

KEB’s drives feature dual encoder channels. Possible configurations include SSI laser and motor incremental TTL.

Shared DC bus option

Choose a single axis drive, or multi-axis solution for shared DC bus configurations.

Communication options

Each drive has an impressive array of flexible communication options bulit in, including Profinet, Devicenet, Interbus, EtherCAT, and more.


Large GTR7 brake transistor for dynamic moves.




Save Energy, Save Money

The R6 regen drives can provide a quick return on investment for a building owner by reducing energy costs.

Easy connection

Each unit contains integrated DC bus fuses and easy-to-wire DC connection terminals.


KEB’s R6 regen drives are compatible with 3rd party drives so you can experience the benefits of KEB technology without replacing your existing equipment.

Robust control

Line regen units can take the place brake resistors making them an excellent option for cold storage ASRS machines.



Motor options

Either PM servo or Induction motors (IE2 & IE3) are available.

Compact integral design

The motor and gearbox are permanently mounted together with the pinion gear mounted on the motor shaft.  This allows for a very compact form factor.

Helical and bevel gearing

KEB gearsmotors use high efficiency helical and bevel gearing prepared to DIN 3990 specifications.

Options and specials

Optionally equipped with KEB spring-set brakes, flange outputs, encoder, shaft couplers, food-grade lubricants, special paint, or low backlash gearing. 

Encoder options include incremental and absolute configurations.


Our designers are available to customize gearmotors to the client’s special order for manufacturing right here in the US.



Spring-applied design

KEB brakes provide fail-safe spring-set power-off brake engagement. The electromagnetic brakes are electrically released.

Ideal solution for ASRS

Custom brake designs available for 24VDC rollers up to large ASRS machines, with high energy brakes available.

Flexible voltages

KEB brake coils can be wound for whatever the application requires. Flexible voltages for battery (e.g. 12, 24VDC) and utility (105VDC, 205VDC) power are available. 

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