Merz stickpack machines and KEB drive technology

Control and precision for packaging

Merz Systems




F5 Drive

Compact PLC

Servo motor

Encoder cables


The SBL-50 Stickpacking Machine from Merz Systems is powered by KEB products – the right size, the right power, the perfect precision for filling even tiny packages.

Merz Systems has been designing and building packing machines for more than 40 years, and their products are used in a variety of industries around the world. At Pack Expo in Las Vegas we were able to catch up with them and chat about the SBL-50 Stickpacking Machine.


Merz uses KEB drives in their machines because they offer a range of functions not seen in any other drive on the market. Working with KEB Automation KG in Germany they put together a system that uses KEB drives along with the Smart controller, KEB servo motors, and KEB encoder cables.


The SLB-50 is a versatile machine that can be used to measure and package liquids, creams, powders, and small granules. The machine is especially useful in the medical and pharmaceutical industries where packages weighing as little as 120 milligrams need to be wrapped and sealed with precision. 

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So hello, it’s Jürgen Stein speaking. I’m from company Merz. We are manufacturer of vertical form filler machines. We say welcome here in the healthcare exhibition in Las Vegas 2018.


We are displaying here our stickpack machines type SBL-50. This machine stands for flexibility in terms of bag sizes and bag widths and even flexibility in terms of dosing systems. The drive system we are using are drives of KEB. That was chosen for us in Germany because of the very good and excellent support of KEB what we have. Even the functions of the drive are much better than the functions of any other competitor on the market so far. That was even a driver for us to go with KEB for this machine over here.


We are addressing this machine to the pharmaceutical clients of ours in terms of periodic formulations, means getting to very very small weights starting at 120 milligrams up to 500 milligrams and up to one gram. The machine gets up to 50-60 strokes a minute means about five million pouches per year. Our machine is starting from a flat reel over here. Getting the tension on the reel. Then we have an encoder for the bag lengths. So we are guiding over here to a folding collar. And the folding collar the film goes down to how it’s going to be formed. The we have a length sealing station and underneath the sealer which are grips the pouch, cutting it down. The filling is done from the top and on the way down we have over here a cutting station which is going to make a child-proof opening especially for the pharma applications for customers over here.


So that’s a rough overview about our machinery. Thanks a lot for your attention.

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