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KEB offers scalable control technology suitable for all plastic machinery – anything from mixers toi injection molding machine control to handling robotics. Embedded and Intel-based Industrial PCs are EtherCAT masters and provide real-time motion control.


KEB controls are designed for industrial applications (no fans, micro-UPS, SSD options). They are available in DIN, box, and panel configurations. Panel PCs are offered up to 24″ in either resistive or capacitive touch.



Engineering plastic machines that are reliable, efficient, and scalable require powerful software tools. COMBIVIS Studio 6 guides the machine designer through the engineering process. From initial concepts to maintenance, COMBIVIS Studio 6 increases engineering productivity and shortens
development time.




KEB’s unique project configurator brings the concept to life with guided product selection and easy BOM output with technical specs and manuals provided in the document database. From the configurator a project configuration can be created including drives, PLC, remote I/O and HMI project
setup. The configurator and built-in document database reduces time finding technical specs and configuring initial system design.




Programs are developed with IEC 61131-3 languages allowing open, reusable, and powerful object oriented programming in Structured Text (ST). For further ease of use and reduced application development time an extensive library of drag-and-drop KEB and PLCopen function blocks can be
used for specific motion control tasks.




Powerful start-up wizards reduce commissioning times. The wizards guide a user through processes like setting up the EtherCAT process data, performing a motor tune, and tuning servo motor performance.




Once the machine is in the field, remote maintenance is possible with the integrated COMBIVIS Connect software. This feature saves time and money by resolving problems fast without the need of service trips.



Manufacturing environments are constantly changing, and for that reason plastic machines must be usable by different operators. High quality HMIs with high functionality and durability is necessary to maximize productivity.


The C6 HMI boasts a stunning 16 million colors housed in a IP66K front bezel. It features a durable resistive touchscreen for use in harsh environments. With over 40 communication drivers, the C6 HMI can be used with KEB control products or all major PLC/control platforms. This flexibility gives machine builders the ability to standardize development on one visualization platform.


All HMI products include a COMBIVIS Connect runtime license. This means the product is capable of secure remote access which can be used for program updates, troubleshooting, and diagnostics.



COMBIVIS Studio HMI is used for designing HMI screens. KEB has the philosophy that the HMI interface should be designed for flexibility, scalability, and connectivity.


Studio HMI has a number of features that will benefit machine builders looking to export machinery across the globe. Screens layouts easily scale to different dimensions. Studio HMI supports multi-lingual text displays and can be equipped with powerful data logging and alarm functionality.



Reduce field visits and travel costs with KEB’s VPN Router. The C6 Router provides secure remote access for any brand of PLC in the field. An optional HMI runtime allows for data logging, trending, and remote alarm management.


The C6 Router comes in four versions to best suit your installation. With or without HMI functionality, with or without the ability to connect via GSM cellular modem. The C6 Router is the ultimate service and support tool for your plastics machine.




• Direct encrypted VPN connection
• Connection validated with KEB’s redundant server network
• COMBIVIS Connect allows extensive firewall and user configuration
• Third-party audited to meet the IEC 62443-3 standard




• Create your own cloud-based analytics platform
• C6 Router uses lightweight MQTT push agent
• Flexible with cloud-based platforms like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure
• 40+ drivers can be used with all major PLC platforms




Why use drive-based safe motion?


• Less wiring – remove contactors and other traditional safety components
• Fast response – offload safety handling from Safety PLC to individual drives
• Faster power cycles – safe modes possible without removing high power to drive
• Increased productivity – access machine in safe modes without shutting down completely
• Replace electromechanical wear components like contactors and relays
• Cost savings compared to traditional safety solutions



As much as machine builders try to standardize, different markets and customers have different requirements and needs. In a global market customers often specify different control vendors and
communication protocols.


Wouldn’t it be nice if a common drive technology was scalable with different communication products? If the same motor shaft performance would be reliable and guaranteed across different control offerings?


KEB’s S6-A control board supports multiple Ethernet-based protocols which are software selectable. This allows machine builders to support fewer product variants and provide better serviceability of machines.


KEB drives like the S6 feature a dual-channel universal encoder input. This allows an individual drive to interface with many different feedback types. Feed back types supported:


• Incremental (TTL/HTL)
• Resolver
• Hiperface
• BiSS
• EnDAT 2.1
• EnDAT 2.2



Modern machine builders use the best available motor technology for the job, but they do not want to add complexity to their design by requiring a different drive series for each motor type.


KEB drives are capable of running a wide variety of motor types. The motor models are changed with a simple parameter change. KEB drives control the following motor types:


• Induction
• IPM and SPM AC servo
• Spindle
• Torque
• Compact motor gear
• Synchronous reluctance
• Linear



As standard, KEB drives are offered with air-cooled heatsinks. Optionally, larger powered drives can be equipped with liquid-cooled heatsinks. Liquid-cooled drives offer more power density and allow for smaller electrical panels.



Motors represent a significant investment in the machine design and they must be protected.


KEB drives feature motor temperature inputs that support:

• KTY 84/100
• PT1000


KEB’s powerful COMBIVIS software includes wizards that help an engineer program alarm functionality related to the motor temperature input. Easily define acceptable temperature ranges, warning levels, and actions to be taken.

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