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KEB’s industrial PC platform is ideal for the complete extruder machine control. Programmers benefit from KEB’s COMBIVIS Studio 6 IDE which supports IEC 61131-3 programming languages.


Developers can leverage powerful KEB libraries. Advanced functionality for barrel heater control, drive communication, and load sharing are possible.


Additionally, KEB offers many different expandable I/O modules. Modules can be flexibly added and even remotely mounted on the machine control. Digital, analog, temperature, and relay output modules are offered.



Heater management is a critical function for all extrusion applications. Customers can develop their own controls or use KEB’s pre-made heater/cooling function blocks.


KEB function blocks reduce development time while providing outstanding performance and flexibility. The temperature control has an auto-tuning function that optimizes control performance while reducing set-up times.


KEB’s heater functions blocks allow multi-zone heater control that is extremely responsive
and stable. It is well suited for applications requiring high accuracy.


KEB drives utilize the latest IGBT technology which allows for extremely compact drive
sizes. KEB offers drives in both 230V and 480V voltage classes – up to 1,000 Hp.


Control Card and Functional Safety is standardized and can be easily scaled across the
entire drive lineup. This means that the drive development time can be shortened
when designing a full machine lineup.



• Up to 1,000 Hp
• Compact design using latest IGBT technology
• Scalable with all communication options
• Scalable with all control functionality
• Air and liquid-cooled availability



KEB offers complete extruder drive panels. The panels are UL508A listed and include the necessary breakers, EMI filters, and more.


Optionally, a KEB HMI, C6 Router, or special filtering solutions can be offered if the application requires it.


The SCCR rating depends on the drive size and components used. Higher SCCR ratings are available upon request.



• Turnkey drive panel – ready to wire
• Small size – compact extruder drives
• Different cooling options available
• Optional HMI drive operator
• Optional C6 Router for secure remote access
• Air and liquid cooled options available



Superior torque and speed regulation allow for a better extruded final product. KEB’s revolutionary Sensorless Closed Loop (SCL) was introduced overa decade ago and continues to outperform today.


Sensorless Closed Loop does not require traditional motor feedback and cabling. Instead, KEB’s proprietary SCL algorithm uses internal drive measurements and an extremely accurate motor model to provide precise torque and speed control – even at low speeds.


SCL can be used with AC servo motors. Additionally, ASCL can be used with induction
(asynchronous) motors.




• Superior torque and speed control
• Proven – 10+ years of commercial success
• Accurate torque limits
• Reduce system costs by removing the encoder, cabling, etc.
• Easy to set up with static motor tune
• SCL (PM servo motors) and ASCL (induction motors)



The ability to protect the extruder screw, gearbox, and mechanical parts is absolutely critical. KEB extruder drives feature accurate and reliable torque limits that can be configured to help protect the machine.


Absolute torque limits can be defined as well as limits in both the motor and generator mode.

If you’re looking for a custom solution for extrusion machines, contact us using the form below. We’d love to discuss our solutions with you.


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