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KEB’s H6 multi-axis drive provides the ultimate performance for all-electric injection molding machines. A wide range of module sizes, cooling options, and safety modules allow the customer to build a drive system that works best for their installation.


The drive can be configured as an EtherCAT master with pluggable fieldbus cards that support Profibus, CAN, Interbus, and Profinet. Drive modules are available in double or single-axis outputs up to 110kW. AFE/rectifier, 24VDC supply and PLC control modules can also be selected to best suit
the application’s requirements.


• Multi-axis drive platform (shared DC bus)
• Operates induction and servo motors
• High performance – EtherCAT connected
• Dual output modules possible
• AFE modules with regeneration and voltage regulation for poor quality mains
• Integrated SIL3 safety functionality and encoder feedback



KEB closed loop drives contain an internal 32-bit positioning module. This allows the PLC to write a target position to the drive and the drive calculates the optimal positioning profile on the fly. KEB drives then confirm the target position has been reached back to the PLC in order to sequence the next motion profile.


Alternatively, if a fixed position profile is used, KEB drives can store a position table inside the drive and sequence through the target positions.


ASCL/SCL: precise speed control without feedback

• Improved system efficiency
• Lower operating costs
• Lower upfront costs (no feedback/cable)
• Solutions for induction and servo pumps


Less heating in the system

• Smaller cooling system required
• Longer operating lifetime of components
• Less frequent coolant changes

Internal PID controller

• Used in place of pump controller or PLC program


Less audible noise

• Improved worker comfort


Potential for field weakening operation

• Reduced cycle times
• Improved throughput


Standard KEB hardware/software

• Off-the-shelf product

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