Video 3 – Navigation and editing parameter values

KEB COMBIVIS 6 Software video tutorial series

This video shows how navigate COMBIVIS 6 automation software after connecting to a KEB F5 device and how to set parameters with the inverter or keypad operator. This video uses a KEB F5 VFD, but the steps also apply to other devices.


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Once you are successfully connected to a KEB inverter, you can use COMBIVIS 6 to do a number of different things.


From your project screen, double click the node of the inverter that you are connected to. There are a number of different tabs that contain different information. In this video, we will cover some of the most commonly used information.


In the Communication Settings tab there is information on the type of connection to the inverter, the status of the connection, the device type, and the operator type.


The Device Parameters tab will show all the different inverter parameter groups. You can expand each group to see the individual parameters. To change a parameter’s value, simply double click the parameter you would like to change. In the “Value” field, enter in the value you would like, or certain parameters will have an Advanced option with a drop down menu of options. Once you have changed the value to the one you desire, click the OK button to save the parameter. This is done in real time, so after you press OK, the parameter will be changed on the inverter.


Certain KEB keypad operators may have operator parameters that can be accessed in the same way as the inverter parameters. They will be displayed in the Operator Parameters tab and can be changed in the same way as the device parameters.

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