KEB line chokes provide input impedance which helps reduce
harmonic distortion and increase VFD component lifetimes.


KEB load reactors help reduce dv/dt switching peaks and increase motor life. 


Line Choke

A line reactor is placed at the input side of a VFD. The added impedance improves the drives harmonic current distortion level.

Motor Choke

A motor reactor is placed at the output of a VFD. It reduces the dV/dt levels of the PWM switching and increases motor operating lifetime.

dV/dt Motor Chokes

Specially designed dV/dt motor chokes are available for installations where the motor is mounted a significant distance away from the VFD (> 40 feet).

KEB dV/dt chokes are capable of being used with up to 16kHz switching frequency and have low inductances for use with PM servo motors.





• Voltage Class: 208-230V and 480V
• Rated Frequency: 50 and 60Hz versions available
• Overload Rating: 150-200% FLA for 60 seconds
• Impedance: 3% and 5% available

• Protection Type: IP20 standard (IP54 enclosed optional)
• Rated Ambient Temperature: Up to 40° C with possible derate
• Elevation: 2,000 meters with possible derate above

• cULus or UL recognized
• CE


  • wastewater applications
  • winder/rewinder applications
  • crane applications
  • plastic machine applications
  • machinery applications
  • elevator applications
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