Remote access to Siemens PLCs

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Remote access to Siemens PLCs

KEB’s C6 Industrial VPN Router is used to securely remote-connect to PLCs and HMIs, including remote access to Siemens PLCs.

The Router was designed for industrial applications. It is housed in a durable metal frame, not plastic. It operates on 24VDC and is DIN rail or wall mounted.

The device’s Ethernet WAN port connects to the internet. The LAN port connects to the control’s PLC or industrial PC. A USB port allows a pre-loaded configuration to be easily installed on the device. Connecting to legacy PLC devices is supported through the 15-pin serial port. A USB port is located on the front of the Router which allows a pre-loaded configuration to be easily installed on the device. Digital I/O is located on the top of the device.

The Router was designed with security in mind. A Router input can be wired to a keyswitch and require local enabling before allowing remote access to the control. Digital outputs can provide confirmation that the Router device is in transmitting mode.

The Router comes in 2 main hardware variants. A basic version and a cellular version. The cellular version can be used for remote installations and works on GSM networks worldwide. For installations exposed to harsh environments like pumping stations or wind turbines, an “Extended Temperature” version is also available.

The Router also provides data logging functionality with the HMI software option. 4GB of project memory is available for storing data and the data can be exported in a variety of different formats. Alarms can be triggered based on events with the possibility to send SMS text or email notifications.

KEB offers over 40 different drivers and the data logging functionality is supported for all major PLC platforms including Allen-Bradley, Siemens, Schneider, and KEB.

The C6 router is easy-to-use and is IT-friendly. Here is how it works. A user with KEB’s CONNECT software initiates a connection to a pre-configured Router through KEB’s global server network. Meanwhile, a remote Router device makes connection to the server with an outbound Ethernet or cellular connection. The server authenticates both the user and the device and provides a handshake between the two. Next, a direct VPN encrypted connection is established between the user and the remote device. The user now has remote access to the PLC and other connected devices. KEB’s C6 Router and CONNECT platform provide a reliable and secure remote connection. KEB’s Connect architecture was audited by a 3rd party safety agency and is certified to meet ISA99 and IEC 62443 standards.

Contact KEB for more details on how you can get connected.

 Editor’s Note: As of January 2019 the Extended Temperature version of the C6 Router is no longer available for purchase. If you have questions or concerns please email us.

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