KEB Spindle Drives

No Spindle Application Too Difficult

With over 200,000 spindle drives worldwide, KEB is a Spindle Drive leader.


KEB Spindle Drives can run a wide variety of different Spindle motor types and can output up to 1600Hz.


We have even done specialty applications where the drive is mounted 1000 ft. away from the motor.

Functional Safety

KEB drives feature Functional Safety options.  Safe-Torque-Off (STO) comes standard on all new drive series.


Advanced Safe Motion and networked safety with FSoE are also possible.


Communication Options


KEB Spindle Drives can communicate with 10+ industrial communication protocols. 


New series feature integrated Real-time fieldbuses like EtherCAT and Powerlink.

Open or Closed Loop

KEB has options for both Open and Closed Loop applications.  Open Loop offers cost advantages by removing the encoder system.


KEB Closed Loop drives offer functions like a Tool Orient function and accurate Torque limits.

KEB Spindle Drives

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