The Hub, 333 Schermerhorn Street

The tallest building in Brooklyn, NY

The Hub, 333 Schermerhorn Street




F5 inverter
Line regenerative drive
COMBIVIS software

With more than 200,00 elevator drives installed worldwide, KEB is the global leader in elevator drive technology.
We seek out difficult and demanding applications, where our performance and quality stands out.

The Hub, a 55-story residential building in downtown Brooklyn, towers over the borough at 610 feet. Seven elevators are needed to service the 754 residential units in the postmodern building, and each elevator uses a KEB F5 inverter alongside a controller. The versatile inverters are able to power both the 1000 ft/min. high-rise elevators, and 800 ft/min. mid-rise elevators.


The elevator installation at 333 Schermerhorn also uses KEB line regenerative drives. By returning unused energy to the grid – rather than losing it as excess heat in the control room – the building is more energy efficient. To program and monitor the drives they use COMBIVIS software for detailed insights into the machine’s operation.


KEB manufactures, services, and repairs our elevator drives in the US – no overseas shipping, no international travel or phone calls. In the video above, elevator adjuster Fred Shenkman highlights the features of KEB’s elevator application products that he believes gives KEB an edge over other brands.


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SHENKMAN: Well fortunately for me, you know being a local one adjuster I get to dabble in all the higher-end equipment, fast speed cars.


We are at 333 Schermerhorn which happens to be the tallest building right now in downtown Brooklyn. This particular job we’re doing here is the 54, 55 story building depending on how you look at the buttons, because the buildings always market them higher. We got 1000 ft/min. high-rise cars here with KEB drives with motion controllers running them. And we have mid-rise cars here that are 800 ft/min. We have four high-rise and three mid-rise.


I’ve adjusted for a long time and I’ve worked on a lot of drives. KEB is actually one of my favorite drives. There’s a lot of menus in there. I really like the COMBIVIS program. You can really get in detail and you can fine-tune and adjust the elevator. You can see a lot of things you can’t see on any other drive. You can pinpoint problems and it’s very good for backing up the programs. And you know what, their technical support is definitely tops of all the ones that I’ve been dealing with.


Working with a KEB drive which I find is probably about the most reliable drive out there as far as especially working with older equipment you have the range of adjustability that a lot of other drives, they don’t give you. Having the scope program I’m telling you it’s a key factor into adjusting rollback and pre-torquing, which, it’s only one of the drives that really give you that feature.


So in ending you know I just want to say I’m a very fortunate guy being able to be a local one union guy for a long time and able to be involved in these type installations where Brooklyn is up and coming and you know we were able to get in on the biggest building right now that they have down there. And hopefully everything all good with the controller and I know everything’ll run good with the drive.

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