Automation for

Stage and Theatre Machinery



Silent Design

Brakes can be noisy.  Especially large brakes.  KEB’s theatre brakes are specially designed for reduced noise – rated for < 65dB @ 1 meter. 



Failsafe Spring-set Design

KEB theater brakes are spring-set design and engaged without power.  



Large Sizes

KEB brakes are offered with ratings up to 2700Nm.




KEB theatre brakes can be configured with options commonly needed for theatre applications:

  • Manual hand release: Release the brake without electrical power
  • Microswitch:  Provides brake state feedback to the motor controller
  • Flange: KEB brakes can be supplied with mounting flanges which makes assembly and installation very quick


Double Brakes

KEB offers double brakes.  Two independent electrical and magnetic circuits.  


S6-icon F5-icon


Quiet 16kHz Switching Frequency

KEB’s F5 and S6 VFDs are capable of running at 16kHz with automatic derate.  This provides silent operation from the drive.



Communication Protocols

KEB drives offer a wide range of different communication options  — EtherCAT, Profinet, Powerlink, and Ethernet/IP to name a few.



Dual Encoder Channels

KEB’s drives feature dual encoder channels which can be configured as inputs or outputs.  One possible implementation is to compare the motor feedback and speed feedback from the drum side of a theater winch.  The KEB drive can then evaluate the two signals and determine if an e-stop needs to be made.



SIL3 Safe-Torque-Off (STO)

The S6 includes a SIL3 STO dual channel input as standard.  The F5 offers it as an option.  The functionality is approved by a 3rd party safety agency.


Internal Positioning Module

KEB drives have positioning capability built-in for distributed control.  So a master control could provide a set position to the KEB drive through the communication bus and the drive handles the position profile.



Integral Design

Powerful and compact KEB gearmotors are perfect for stage and theatre machinery.  They come in helical bevel, helical worm, inline, and parallel offset configurations.




KEB gearmotors feature DC spring-set brakes.  The noise reduced brakes were designed with theater applications in mind and are virtually silent.  The brakes can also be configured for different voltages or offered with manual hand releases.



Induction & Servo motor options

Depending on the application requirements, either induction or servo motors can be configured.



Flange options

KEB offers a wide range of different flange options.  One flange option mounts directly to a KEB load brake – providing a compact assembly for a winch or hoist.


Feedback devices

KEB gearmotors are also flexible when it comes to feedback devices.  TTL or HTL incremental encoders are standard.  Absolute encoder formats like BiSS or Hiperface are also possible.


C6-HMI-icon C6-CompactlI-iconRemote-IO-icon 



EtherCAT Control

EtherCAT is fast, robust, and reliable.  KEB’s embedded and industrial PCs all feature EtherCAT masters.  Additionally, KEB’s flexible remote I/O uses an EtherCAT bus communication.  KEB’s drives all have EtherCAT communication options.




High-quality HMIs are available from 4.3 to 15″.  The HMIs program in KEB’s powerful Studio HMI environment.  Over 40+ drivers are available to communicate with major PLC platforms.



Industrial Grade

KEB’s HMIs are designed to last.  They do not have fans or rotating parts.  The front panel is aluminum bezel and rated IP65.


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